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Remembering Richard

Remember me? Ok, enough Capper. Today marks 4 years since Richard Marsland took his life and left us.  This is the man for whom Capril was created.  We honour his memory today as we remember his brilliant comedic skills and delightful personality.  He was a true gentleman who demonstrated his care for others on a daily basis. If a man like this can lose
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Guest Blogger Anonymous

This person wanted to share their story, but remain anonymous, so here is their story:   As a long time listener and fan of Get This, I have been well aware of, and celebrated Capril since it’s inception. I used to be ‘that’ odd girl that you couldn’t be quite sure… if you actually did see…oh wait, yes, she is wearing a cape. What
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Guest Blogger @MaxMcKelly

Here is a piece from Max McKelly about her experiences with depression.  The original can be found HERE.   The Joy of Depression The title of this piece actually sticks in my throat. It makes me feel a bit nauseous, as if I am being disloyal to anyone who is in the dark mire of depression, by talking about the one thing that is
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Capril on TV

Tomorrow will be our first official foray into TV as a Capril team!  I (Megan) will be on ABC News Breakfast tomorrow (Monday) morning at 7:45am talking about Capril.  Wearing a cape of course! For those of you that can’t see it live (and yes, I’ll be live on TV) and still want to watch, I’ll get a clip uploaded to YouTube and keep you
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Living With Illness

Triple J’s Hack (youth and current affairs) program this week featured some interesting stories on share housing with people who have a mental illness.  The link to their free podcast is here.  The shows on this topic aired on Tuesday 22nd November and Wednesday 23rd November.  They’re worth a listen.

Always Remember

Just a reminder that there is always help available! Make sure you talk about anything you’re going through, even when it feels like no one understands, give people a chance to understand.  You’ll be surprised how much people want to help if you give them a go. And beyondblue is always an endless wealth of resources, make use of them!

Capril For Me Is…

It’s time I wrote about Capril from my own perspective.  It’s been wonderful having so many contributers to Capril this year, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you what it means to me. As a lot of people, I was a huge fan of ‘Get This’ and I got on board Capril as a joke originally.  After the tragic loss
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