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John Murch talks to Alisson and Peter Marsland

Radio is an intimate medium and for many people, Richard Marsland was and remains their inspiration.

Starting in South Australia, Richard rose to the dizzying heights of commercial breakfast radio in the eastern states. Some of his greatest achievements were what he did on the way there and also off-air.

Many reflected on his ‘gentle nature’ and willingness to help others – including many fans drawn to him through the Get This radio program he did with Tony Martin & Ed Kavalee. It was during this show that ‘Capril’ was invented as a radio competition. Though after he passed away from depression in late 2008 it turned into an awareness campaign for anxiety and depression, as well as a way to remember Richard.

John Murch, outside of his radio show for the last few years, is the National Media Officer for Capril. Though his own radio show would not have come about had it not been for what Richard spoke to him about the medium many years ago. As a way of bringing the two together, and much more importantly to find out more about Richard’s life, he spoke with Alisson and Peter Marsland, Richard’s parents.

John Murch talks to Alisson and Peter Marsland about the life of Richard

(reposted from Radio Adelaide – and slightly edited)

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