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How do I participate in Capril?

This is a question you will probably have. Possibly after the first question about what the heck it is.

Simple answer, wear a cape during April while doing everyday activities. Complex answer, wear a cape, promote this site and the facebook page so we can raises as much money as we can to help support beyondblue: the national depression and anxiety initiative. Donations can be made through here.

Most important is the need to send us pictures of you in your capes so we can post them in our Capril gallery.

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Born in Sydney in 1975, Angus grew up in the northern suburbs of Sydney and later in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Over the years he has been a check out operator, charity collection agent for the Muscualr Dystrophy Association, Apple Repair Technician and is a former Director and all rounder type computer and network technician of Little Computer People. He is married to Michelle, who he met on-line back in the good old days of the internet when it was considered a big no-no to have physically met someone you chat to on-line for fear of harm. He has lived in Melbourne for two years, then moved back to Sydney for eleven years, but is once again back in Melbourne. It is nicer than Sydney for artistic purposes and coolness factor. As of now he lives in Pascoe Vale, fixes computers and networks, takes photos of all sorts of things as a hobby and builds lego to help deal with his depression. Capril means even more to him now.


  1. Hi,

    I produce the 4BC Afternoon show in Brisbane. I’d love to chat to someone about Capril on the show. It would only be five minutes or so and I think our listners would love to hear about this fantastic initiative

    My number is 07 3908 8282 if you’re interested.


  2. Hi,

    I book the interviews for SYN Media in Melbourne (or the Student Youth Network). We’re a community media organisation run by volunteers between 12-25.

    Following Ria’s lead, I’d also love to organise a chat with someone from Capril for our breakfast radio program.

    If you’re interested, I can be contacted at arts.talks@syn.org.au

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