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Capril 2015 is just around the corner…

In just a few short weeks, Capril will kick off once again. We hope to be able to help remove the stigma with depression, anxiety and mental health issues.

This year is a little more personal for myself, Angus, as in 2014 I was diagnosed with depression. It appears that I have been suffering for at least two years according to my Clinical Psychologist. How did I find out? Well, I though there was nothing wrong with how I was acting but my wife pushed me to speak to my GP. It took six months to do this and could have cost me my relationship. Thankfully it didn’t and I did speak to my GP. With his help and that of my initial Clinical Psychologist, I am on the right road to better mental health now.

Please support Capril by wearing a cape during everyday activities during April and talk to someone who needs support. Even if it is to just ask “Are you OK?”. The road to better mental health support starts with your help.

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