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Anxiety is…

Guest poster – Shell Zenner (@shellzenner)

Anxiety is.. not being able to concentrate long enough to read a book..
Anxiety is.. paranoia
Anxiety is.. overthinking EVERYTHING
Anxiety is.. doubting your own thoughts and mind
Anxiety is.. checking your phone a gazillion times a day
Anxiety is.. crying over a bathroom leak
Anxiety is.. being unable to remember a two digit number
Anxiety is.. feeling overwhelmed at afternoon tea and having to run outside
Anxiety is.. avoiding the people who you love the most
Anxiety is.. feeling like a failure
Anxiety is.. not remembering the names of the people in that band you love
Anxiety is.. antisocial
Anxiety is.. feeling ridiculous
Anxiety is.. hiding out in the cinema
Anxiety is.. starting something but never finishing it
Anxiety is.. feeling lost
Anxiety is.. feeling worthless
Anxiety is.. doing something you usually love and feeling nothing
Anxiety is..  having lists of lists to remind you
Anxiety is.. struggling to put one foot infront of the other
Anxiety is.. not leaving the house all day
Anxiety is.. being unable to move or think straight
Anxiety is.. lonely
Anxiety is.. feeling like you’re losing your mind
Anxiety is.. boring
Anxiety is.. panic attacks
Anxiety is.. tension headaches
Anxiety is.. nail biting
Anxiety is.. overeating
Anxiety is.. checking, double checking and triple checking
Anxiety is.. hating being in big groups of people
Anxiety is.. feeling like a failure
Anxiety is.. failing to keep on top of things at work
Anxiety is.. being defensive
Anxiety is.. feeling ugly
Anxiety is.. feeling on edge
Anxiety is.. compulsive
Anxiety is.. dwelling on negative experiences
Anxiety is.. a romance killer
Anxiety is.. churning in the pit of your stomach
Anxiety is.. insomniac
Anxiety is.. that endless feeling of dread and doom
Anxiety is.. feeling muddled
Anxiety is… writing this with tears rolling down my face.
Anxiety is.. overwhelming
Anxiety is.. exhausting
Anxiety is.. my life

support is available for anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety. you can talk to beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 or visit your local GP for more advice. remember, you are not alone.


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Born in Sydney in 1975, Angus grew up in the northern suburbs of Sydney and later in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Over the years he has been a check out operator, charity collection agent for the Muscualr Dystrophy Association, Apple Repair Technician and is a former Director and all rounder type computer and network technician of Little Computer People. He is married to Michelle, who he met on-line back in the good old days of the internet when it was considered a big no-no to have physically met someone you chat to on-line for fear of harm. He has lived in Melbourne for two years, then moved back to Sydney for eleven years, but is once again back in Melbourne. It is nicer than Sydney for artistic purposes and coolness factor. As of now he lives in Pascoe Vale, fixes computers and networks, takes photos of all sorts of things as a hobby and builds lego to help deal with his depression. Capril means even more to him now.

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  1. All those thoughts pass, and life changes for the better – with a little help from anti-depressants. eg trying to read for a B.A. (close to the end), I had to give up when I couldn’t complete a sentence. Words became rocks, barring me from completing course.
    Being a Patient is a virtue, because you can see I am a voracious spinner of words and reading zealot.
    Love Science – it creates Hope and knowing we can tweak the brain chemistry to become functional again.

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