Always Remember


Just a reminder that there is always help available! Make sure you talk about anything you’re going through, even when it feels like no one understands, give people a chance to understand.  You’ll be surprised how much people want to help if you give them a go. And beyondblue is always an endless wealth of resources, make use of them!

Capril For Me Is…


It’s time I wrote about Capril from my own perspective.  It’s been wonderful having so many contributers to Capril this year, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you what it means to me. As a lot of people, I was a huge fan of ‘Get This’ and I got on board Capril as a joke originally.  After the tragic loss
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Guest Blogger @mrdoman


A story by twitterer @mrdoman (Mike Doman) about his experiences living with depression.   It’s been tough to decide whether I put this up or not, and I have decided to because I think it’s worth sharing, particularly as a male who suffers from depression. Depression has not affected me negatively in my professional life, in fact, it’s probably helped me more than hindered me
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depression in young people


Everyone feels sad or miserable sometimes. But when these feelings are with you most of the time, you stop enjoying life and lose interest in things you used to like doing, you may have depression. The good news is that getting the right type of help, and getting it early, can make it much easier for you get back on track and deal with depression.
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Guest Blogger @agreencow


This is @agreencow’s story of her experiences living with depression.   There’s a bit of a difference between a physical illness and a mental illness, and how you get treated for each. If you have a physical illness, say a broken arm, people can see it, they are use to it, and they know how to treat you. When it comes to a mental
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Guest Blogger Kris Adams


Kris shares his experiences living with depression.   As great a childhood as I had, looking back I think my story with depression began in my early teens. I was a sensitive boy, sensitive to social injustices; I remember crying at the sight of starving Ethiopians on the TV news. Finding joy only in fantasy I spent many hours reading alone. Brought up in
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