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Guest Blogger @rarelyupdated

“Just get over it”. Those four words don’t seem like much but when you say it to someone with Depression it becomes something else entirely. It is (generally) said because the person saying it doesn’t understand what Depression is like because unlike cancer, or syphilis, it’s not an illness that is easily visible or understood.
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depression – why I care

Depression affects over one million people in Australia and anxiety affects over two million people. These two disorders are serious conditions and there are effective treatments available along with national support groups, such as beyondblue, who can help you deal with depression. Capril is not about just donning a cape and swanning around saying hey look at me. It’s a very serious cause, the cape part is because of the one person that brought depression into to the spotlight for myself, Angus, and many others.
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how can you help? part 2

People with depression/anxiety often don’t see the point of doing anything and may feel that no one can really help them. The type and amount of help you’re able to provide may depend upon your relationship with the person experiencing depression/anxiety.
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capril – proudly supporting beyondblue: the national depression initiative

We are very pleased to announce that beyondblue: the national depression initiative have given us permission to fund raise for them. This is an exciting opportunity to help Australia’s leading depression support service and we couldn’t be more proud to fund raise on behalf of them. This is the primary goal for us, to raise as much money as we can so we can kick depression in the proverbials.
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