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Originally Capril was a collaboration of listeners and the three hosts of the radio show ‘Get This’, which was Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee and Richard Marsland. Listeners, guests and hosts were encouraged to wear capes during everyday activities throughout April and send in photos as proof. Since the axing of this ‘Get This’, Capril has become much more than just silly fun.

The beloved Richard Marsland passed away in 2008 after losing his battle with depression, and in honour of his memory people have come together each year since to remember him in a special way. Capril is now about raising awareness of depression & other mental illness’.

Richard’s death was a great shock that was amplified throughout the entertainment industry – from his work colleagues to the many listeners that heard him every day. We were all devastated. Since Richard’s death, we’ve decided that the best way to honour his memory is to have Capril continue each year as an event that helps to raise awareness of depression and other mental illness’.

In 2009 Angus McLaren took the mantle from Get This and turned Capril into an annual event. Now Angus has the support of a few volunteers in helping to organise and run Capril.

Participants of Capril are encouraged to wear capes during everyday activities. This will raise awareness and be a catalyst for conversation. We also hope people will donate in support of a mental health charity. In the past this has been beyondblue, but as we move forward we are now choosing to support Mind in the UK and The Black Dog Institute in Australia.

We also encourage you to provide photographic evidence of average day-to-day tasks you get up to whilst wearing your cape. If people ask you what it’s all about, tell them. By participating you will hopefully encourage people to talk about it, and that is the first step towards removing the stigma associated with mental illness.